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(1924 - 1964)



Mostly Leo Kokle worked in the genre of portrait and still life, occasionally wrote figurative compositions and landscapes. The artist had spacious and pasty brush strokes. The main component of the pictures was made by the effect obtained from the texture of the work. In portraits, Leo Kokle, loved disclosing the psychological character of a person and his occupation, profession. He achieved this with the help of color, forms and principles of compositional construction. In the women's portraits, in turn, the artist put emphasis on the lyric moment, paying special attention to the external beauty and grace of the woman. An important period in the artist's work was the theme of the holiday "Ligo" in the mid-50's. Despite his short life, L.Kokle occupies an important place among Latvian painting.


The childhood of Leo Kokle began tragically. Having fallen from the stairs, he suffered a serious spinal injury, which caused subsequent complications in the life of the artist. But, despite his health, Leo Kokle, at the age of 18 began to attend the painting studio of Janis Tilberg, in which he received strong skills in portrait and figurative genre. In 1944, young Leo entered the Latvian Academy of Arts, which, unfortunately, he did not graduate because of health problems. Later, Leo Kokle was engaged not only in painting, but also wrote periodicals on contemporary topics in art. In 1952 he was accepted into the community of artists, where he actively tried to support young artists and their ideas of painting, thus becoming the initiator of exhibitions of young artists held after 1950. Leo Kokle, at the invitation of Paula Stradina, created the decoration of the medical museum and later performed various state orders.



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