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(1910 - 1978)




During post-war period artist in his creation worked almost exclusively in watercolour technique. Considered as one of the most important Latvian artist in this sector. He painted mostly landscapes of native Zemgale, frequently still-lifes. Become popular with his empathetic and heartfelt depiction of nature, the understanding of the composition and coloring, as well as professionally impeccable attitude to technical purity. As one of the key issues in painting is raised by technological nature, which associates with the clarity of the water-color, light flow.

Studied at the Jelgava Gymnasium (1927-1931) Interest in the arts received from his teacher painter K. Celmins in R. Suta's art studio (1930-1931)s Studied in Latvian Art academy (1931-1938), graduated from (Landscape Painting workshop) with the thesis "Jelgava"
(Head Purvitis). This painting is destroyed along with about hundred oil paintings in Jelgava in 1944, during a fire.

Participated in exhibitions from 1930.  
Solo exhibitions in Jelgava (1933 and 1936 - together with A.Šulcs; 1942, 1968), Riga (1943, 1956, 1959, 1967, 1976, 1980), Madona (1962), Bauska (1968), Kuldiga (1977), Cesis ( 1978), Sigulda (1978), Valmiera, Rujiena and Koknese (1980, with K.Sunins).  He was one of the founders of student's organization 'Green Land' and most active organizer of the exhibitions (1932-1935). Member of Artists' Union since 1946, been a board member. Also has been Painter's section office member. He has led his own studio in Jelgava (1935-1938).

He worked as a teacher at a Jewish high school in Jelgava (1938-1940), director of Jelgava's museum (1938-1943), high school teacher in Jelgava (1940-1944), Senior Officer in Ministry Culture, Arts Education Institutions (1945-1946). Teacher in Riga's Applied Art School (from 1945), head of fine art studio in the Central Culture House (1947).


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