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Artist Ilze Avotina has been endowed with the ability to rejoice in life. This light, relaxed celebration of life is seen in her landscapes; the intense, luminescent colours and the rhythm of composition literary draw the spectator into the fantastic, dream-like world, in which everything vibrates, throbs, changes, merges optically. The main source of inspiration and harmony for the painter is nature, however, imitating nature is not the essential, her aim is to cognize the intimate, internal human world united with the live, throbbing nature. 


Ilze Avotina has turned to all painting genres, mostly using oil and tempera technique. She interprets postimpressionism painting in peculiar manner, practices plane painting and accentuates the importance of colouring. She is aiming to acquire harmony in polychrome painting. She has worked with monumental painting – she carried out the mural and stained glass at the conference hall of Gailezers’ fourth Nurse School (1980, together with Aleksejs Naumovs).


Ilze Avotina was born in family of painter Harijs Karklins. She has graduated J.Rosentahl Riga Art School(1970) and the I. Zarin’s masterclass of Monumental painting at the Art Academy of Latvia (diploma work “Fairy tale for children”). She is participating at exhibitions since 1977. Her artworks have been exhibited in Skrunda (1981), Ogre (1984), Riga (1986), Moscow (1988), Bremen (1989), and New York (1990). She is a member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia since 1980.



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