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(1909 - 1973)



Theodore Uldrikis was born in Liepaja on September 21, 1909 in the family of proletarians. His father was a carpenter and mother simple worker. He studied at Liepaja Secondary School No. 5, where his drawing teacher was Rudolf Priede. It was not long, in the early 1930s, he studied at the Liepaja People's College, where his teacher was also Rudolf Priede.


At the exhibitions, Theodore Uldrikis, began to participate in 1932, he was a member of the Latvian Academy of Music and Theater, since 1945 he was a member of the Latvian Artists' Union.


He worked as a painter, as Lieutenant in Liepaja railway workshops (1929 - 1940), worked in the illegal labor movements. He was chairman of the Workers' Committee in 1940 and a member of the Liepaja District Criminal Investigation in 1941. During the German occupation he was arrested several times.


He worked as a painter in the newspaper Kommunist (1945, 1947), published reviews about exhibitions in the 1960s. From 1951 to 1968 he was an artist in the studio "Art" in the Liepaja branch.


Creative work at an early stage was made with coal, ink and in sepia technique. In the early 1940s he turned to oil painting, consulted with artists Olgert Jaunarais and Anton Mehne. He painted mostly urban landscapes, portraits, figurative compositions with a historical, mostly war, theme, in a harsh style. The artist's works are expressive, they are characterized by dynamic, broad, inclined to impulsiveness, intense, contrasting color combination, but with simplified sdrawing. Decorative convention and color brightness gradually intensified in the artist's works.


Personal exhibitions were held in 1969 in Liepaja, then in 1971 in Kaunas and Ventspils. 1960 Theodor Uldrikis organized an exhibition with Janis Lauva and Valter Uzticis. Memorial exhibitions of the artist were held in Liepaja in 1975, 1985 and 1993. In 1969, Theodor Uldrikis was awarded with the "Cultural Worker" award.


The personality of Theodor Uldrikis attracted the attention of many journalists and writers during his life and even after his death. About the artist wrote Olaf Gutmanis, Leon Spinga, Gunars Biezis, Janis Silazars, Eric Hanberg and others.


Olaf Gutmanis wrote abot Theodor Uldrikis: "His human qualities were sublime, because he always played with open cards of justice, not a bank of himself or others. So he was like an artist. Maybe even too cruel, but he was a person. He also had another half - almost childlike tenderness, which he sometimes hesitated. Flowers always fascinated him, he wrote them like a child. With tenderness, naivety and enthusiasm. "