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Marianna PEILANE

(1915 - 1996)



Born in family of farmers. Husband Vladislav Shveide - painter. She studied at the Сraftsmen School of Riga (1934 - 1935), in the Pedagogical Institute of Daugavpils (1935-1937). She graduated from the painting department of the Latvian State Academy of Fine Arts with diploma under direction of J. Liepina "planting fruit trees on the farm", (1950). She worked as a teacher, Ludza district in Raipoles school (1937-40) a short time in the association "Art". Since 1958 she participates in exhibitions. Solo exhibitions: Madona (1969, 1977, 1988), Jekabpils (1977, 1982), the West, Meirani, Ergli (1977), Madona region. Together with Shveide V. (1984), in Riga with Shveide V. (1990). Since 1970 - Member of the Artists` Union of Latvia.


She painted still lifes and landscapes, but acquired a lot of popularity with floral paintings. In the works she freely transformed reality, in accordance with a certain degree of emotion. She painted dark with precisely balanced color accents, giving great importance to processing of the picture surface and texture of rhythms. She used linear contouring.



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