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Izsoļu nams/galerija Jēkabs
Jēkaba iela 26/28
Rīga , LV-1050
+371 29528684

Telephone number: +371 29528684


Kristine Luize AVOTINA




Kristine Luize Avotina belongs to the younger generation of Latvian artists, who has very early and in a very purposeful way cultivated her own style. Her first exhibitions at the time when she was still a student of J. Rosenthal Riga Art School surprised with exquisitely made paintings in Indian ink. At present, his canvases show vivid, fairy tale like landscapes, romantic gardens and parks, close-ups of flowers. The artist attaches great importance to every detail of the composition depicted in the painting; they are meticulously done by chiaroscuro modelling. Each work of the artist is like a fragment of an unreal, ideal world, filled with light, flowers and peace, in which humans live in harmony with the nature.



Zevaite I. Hansabanka Contemporary Art Collection. Rīga: Hansabanka, 2007, P.24.