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(1939 - 1990)

Bruno Vasilevskis has painted small format still lifes, landscapes and portraits in oil technique. Artist’s early works are oriented towards French school – Paul Cézanne and cubism. During 1960’s his style became more realistic. He was one of the first artists in Latvia, who begun to depict reality with almost photographic precision, which coincides with the “rebirth” of realism in the Western art. The main themes in Vasilevskis’s art are light, space and colour. For him important is the immediate and meditative contact with the objective reality and the process of seeking of truth and modelling the relationship between his inner world and visual reality within a painting. Vasilevskis painted only from nature in the daylight and made a sketch on cardboard for each painting. His paintings has a smooth surface, reduced brushwork, precise drawing and tonally nuanced depiction of mass and materiality. In his still lifes artist has depicted simple everyday objects, a surface of table or plane of a wall. In the course of time, the amount of depicted objects became smaller, drawing the whole image closer to abstraction. In landscape paintings, Vasilevskis has conceptually chosen motives, mostly depicting the tree leafage and recording the nature in the state of peace, a sunny day without any clouds. In his portraits, one can see lightly geometrizing stylization and a firm modelling. Artist’s high professional claims and slow process of painting has defined the small amount of paintings. He has influenced artists of the so-called “French group” – Miervaldis Polis and Liga Purmale. From the second half of 1960’s he has worked in book and newspaper graphic design.


Bruno Vasilevskis has graduated J. Rosenthal Riga Art School (1957) and the Latvian SSR State Academy of Art, Department of Painting (1964) with a diploma work “HPP in Plavinas” (“Pļaviņu HES”, led by Eduards Kalnins). Vasilevskis participated in exhibitions since 1968 and was a member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia since 1973.



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