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Normunds Braslins has mainly turned to figurative painting, especially double portraits. Main themes of his art are women, family and music. Artist has worked also with graphic art (drawings for periodical “Literature and Art” and magazine “Avots”). Normunds Braslins art is reflecting his values – ideal beauty, perfection, harmony and search for purity of form. Artist works also with photography, which alongside with his independent studies of old master paintings adds characteristic composition and exquisite colouring to his individual style.  In his art the image of a woman is appearing in numerous variations, echoing the renaissance views of the beauty of a human body.


Normunds Braslins is born in Riga, family of agronomist. His wife Aija Braslina is art historian. He has graduated J. Rosenthal Riga Art School (1980), Monumental Painting department of the Art Academy of Latvia (1986, diploma work “Sport”, led by I.Zarins). Since 1982, Braslins has worked as a teacher in various art schools and the Art Academy of Latvia. He participates exhibitions since 1980 and is a member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia since 1989.



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