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Aleksejs NAUMOVS




Aleksejs Naumovs is an outstanding landscape painter within contemporary Latvian art scene. His style features a colour, virtuoso line, dynamic brushstroke, vivid but nuanced colouring. Landscape as a genre is important for artist for thirty years.  His urban landscapes primarily depict those elements, which evoked the first impulse for artist – it ca be the red sun of the Paris, turquoise sea in Nice, splendid Etruscan vases Florence or reflection of the sky in the pond in Vecpiebalga. He often depicted Italian architecture. I his early works the tonal materiality was dominant, but later formal and subject matter unity became more visible.


Artist is endowed with a good sense of space, cultivated sense of tonality, which in combination with serious nature studies and inner vitality are creating a sense of free and colourful painting. Naumovs has worked also in mural painting field – his murals are filled with complex figurative compositions, where, despite large number of figures, artist has strived for certain level of descriptiveness. The oeuvre of Naumovs can be divided in several periods. At the beginning those were searches for fauvist means of expression in distemper technique. Later follows a relative phase of abstract colourism and searches in impressionistic direction. Generally, art historian Austra Avotina is describing artist’s contribution as “expressionistically impressionistic”. During study years Naumovs was keen on art of Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Raul Duffy and Marc Chagall.


Aleksejs Naumovs has graduated J. Rosenthal Riga Art School (1973), Monumental painting masterclass of Latvian SSR State Academy of Art (1979) with a diploma work “First day of kolkhoz” (led by Indulis Zarins). Later he got a traineeship at the Painting Masterclass of USSR Academy of Arts (1980–1983, led by Eduards Kalnins) and Paris-Sorbonne University (1987–88). He has worked as a drawing teacher at the Carnikava eight-year school (1979–1985), since 1985 as a lecturer at the Art Academy of Latvia and since 2007 he is a rector at the Academy. He is regularly organising personal exhibitions and works in the field of children book illustration. He is a member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia since 1980 and one of founders of the art association “B13”.



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