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(1919 - 2014)

Painter, teacher


Edgars Vinters has mostly painted nature – at the beginning in watercolour and later oil technique. During 1950’s and 1960’s he emphasised the illustration of seasons in nature, cityscapes and the river Daugava.  During 1970’s he turned to the houses and memorials of painters, writers, actors and singers and continued to paint cityscapes. During the end of 1990’s artist shortly turned to different watercolour techniques. At the end of his life, Vinters has painted mostly his garden in Purvciems and still lives with flowers.


In the work of Edgars Vinters one can find the light and shadow during a daytime and the change of seasons. Artist has pictured diversity of clouds in different weather conditions, freshness of the colour during the spring, saturated colour tones of the summer and the autumn as well as colours and harshness of the winter landscape.


Edgars Vinters has learned painting from Voldemars Irbe (1893–1944) and Hugo Karlis Grotuss (1884–1951). In 1940. Vinters entered Art Academy of Latvia, Still life department, directed by Leo Svemps (1897–1975). During study time, he attended drawing lessons (led by Janis Cielavs, Augusts Annuss and Karlis Miesnieks) and masterclasses by Janis Kuga (1878–1969). Then Vinters also began to paint plein aire and to use a cardboard as base for his paintings. Due to the start of the Second World War, Vinters had to stop his studies at Art Academy of Latvia. Later he graduated programme of pedagogy in J.Rosenthal Art School and worked as art and drawing teacher until 1979, using his spare time to paint.


Edgars Vinters arranged his first solo exhibition in 1969. Since 1993, his works were exhibited in England. He was a member of “Creative senior” house of the Latvian Artists’ Union since 1999. During his time in Art Academy of Latvia, Vinters was close to artists Konrads Ubans (1893–1981) and Karlis Miesnieks (1887–1977). He has learned also from Indrikis Zeberins (1882–1969) and Aleksandrs Petrovs (1874–1956) art. He showed interest in German impressionists, particularly the landscape painters.



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