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Aleksandrs JUNKERS

(1899 - 1976)

Graphic artist


At the beginning of his creative work, graphic artist Aleksandrs Junkers worked with linocut and woodcut techniques. From 1933 until 1935 he was a correspondent in French magazine “Xilographie” in Latvia and promoted the Latvian woodcut in Europe. At the end of 30’s he turned to book illustration and developed dynamic illustration with varied factures and imaginary. Junkers worked also with other techniques; however, his most outstanding works are done in woodcut technique, where he achieved high technical skill in poetic depiction of nature. His woodcuts are characterized by free carving, pronounced light and shadow interplay and rythms, varied textures and nuanced tonal gradation.


Aleksandrs Junkers acquired his first artistic education in prvate studio of J.Ansons and in the Painting studio of Riga People's High School (1928-30). He participated in exhibitions since 1930 and took part in the exhibitions of artist’s group “Green Crow” (“Zaļā vārna”).



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