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Jekabs BINE

(1895 - 1955)

Painter, master of stained glass, teacher, art critic


Jekabs Bīne painted landscapes, still-lifes, scenes of a daily life, interiors, portraits and mythological plots in a realistic manner. He also has created works with features of a decorativism and stylization. Since 1950’s he made stained glass. He has painted altarpieces for churches in Cesvaine (1924), Jumprava (1926), and Vecsaule (1927). Thematically Jekabs Bine has turned also to sacral painting, which led him to Latvian mythology. Bine believed that art should be based on idealistic perception of the world and it should be brought closer to the life of folk people and Latvian nature, where form is only used to interpret the content.


Jekabs Bine was born on April 11, 1895 in Riga. He studied at the Riga City Art School (1913-1915), the Kharkov Art School (1916-1918). In 1926 graduated a Workshop of Figurative Painting of professor J.R.Tillbergs at the Art Academy of Latvia with degree work "Revival". Jēkabs Bīne worked as the lecturer at the Art Studio of the Latvian People University (1928-1940), Riga People University, Institute of Housekeeping in Kaucminde (1932-1939), at the Riga State Art of Craft School (1933-1944), at the School of the Riga society of painters (1936-1939), at the Art Academy of Latvia (1942-1944). He worked in Kuldiga Secondary Art School (1944-1951), at combine “Art” (1951-1955).


Jekabs Bine participated at exhibitions since 1917. His solo exhibitions were organized in Riga (1937, 1942). Memorial exhibitions were held in Tukums (1969), Koknese, Kuldiga (1978) and Riga (1986). Jekabs Bine was a member of Group of Independent Artists (1922-1928), societies of the Latvian artists (1928-38) and "Dardedze" (1939). Since 1945, he was a member of the LSSR Artists’ Union. He was awarded the grant (1927 - 1928) and the premium (1933) of Cultural Foundation. In 1955 awarded the title of the Latvian SSR Honored Art Worker. Jekabs Bine died on October 24, 1955 in Riga.



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