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“My work is connected with painting, which is ancient and wonderful form of art. Painting is trying to express the most complicated feelings and highest ideals of a man, it’s means of expression is developing and changing, but the essence is staying the same. I am not trying to find a new explanation, because I fully rely on the endless possibilities of painting technique and also on the need of spiritual values and self-awareness of a 21st century’s man.” 

Inta Celmina


The subject matter of Inta Celmina artwork is very rich in various interpretations of the atmosphere. In her means of expression she is purposeful and laconic. The visible shapes she depicts as a sign or symbol and usually chooses large formats, thus exposing the colouring of the work to it’s inner structure. Texture and brushwork has significant meaning in her creative work. Inta Celmina has worked also with mural painting (mural in kolkhoz house “Vieniba”, 1984; triptych in the kindergarten in Slavutych, 1988).


The secret of womanhood, moods of a soul, interpretations of a music and essence of symbolic characters are dominating elements of Inta Celmina oeuvre. These elements are carried out in dynamic and saturated brushstroke and is expressing powerful emotions. Texture of artwork is significant as it emphasizes the spatial depth and effect of a light. The works painted in greyish colour schemes, enriched with expressive squares of strong white, red, rose, yellow or blue squares and with the pronounced texture, typical of Inta Celmiņa, and she likes both arranging it in large squares of colours and to use in minute details.


Inta Cemina has graduated J. Rosenthal Riga Art School (1964) and Department of Pedagogy of Latvian SSR State Academy of Art with diploma work “Day of Ligo” (1969, led by E.Kalniņš). Artist is participating in exhibitions since 1969. Her creative work is highly appreciated in Latvia and abroad. Her works are included in museums’ and private collections in Latvia, Russia and elsewhere. She is awarded with premiums and awards locally and internationally. Celmina is laureate of Baltic Republics’ painting trieniale (1975 and 1978), awarded with silver medal of French Salon in the exhibition “Traditions and searches” (1984), title of The Latvian Honoured Art Worker (1990), the prize of Hansabank for the best painting of a year in art gallery Asuna (2006) and is designated as chevalier of Order of the Three Stars (2011).



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