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Izsoļu nams/galerija Jēkabs
Jēkaba iela 26/28
Rīga , LV-1050
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Telephone number: +371 29528684


Exhibition of works by Svetozar Rusakov

(03.07.2017 - 11.08.2017)

In the art gallery “Jekabs” (Jekaba Street 26/28) will be viewable the first personal exhibition of Svetozar Rusakov, one of the most famous artists of Soviet animated cinema, whose pen created the cult animated series “Nu, Pogodi!” (You Just Wait!). The creative heritage of the artist is fully exibited for the first time in all its variety – visitors shall enjoy not only sketches and mateials to his animations, but also canvass,never exibited in the artist’s lifetime

The present exibition will reflect Svetozar Rusakov as entirely new, fascinating and significant master. His work appeals to the widest possible au-dience – from serious art connoisseurs to children and their parents.

In the art gallery “Jekabs” Svetozar Rusakov exhibition will be viewable till August 11th, 2017 on weekdays from 11:00 till 18:00.