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Izsoļu nams/galerija Jēkabs
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(26.04.2018 - 25.05.2018)

 From 26 April until 25th of May in the Art gallery "Jēkabs" (26/28, Jēkaba Street) will be presented an exhibition of two outstanding contemporary painters and long-time friends, Liva Pakalne (1982) and Anna Baklane (1982), with 15 paintings displayed, most of which have been made in the last year.

The exhibition has been named by the artists as "Friends", because they are convinced that this name is the one that suits them both and their paintings. The decision of a joint painting exhibition for artists was organic and easy. The mutual understanding by which artists have come to know each other, as they walk in time, appear in their painting style. The main driving force of friendship is the unconditional love of art, adoration of each other and the inexhaustible, fundamental trust in painting, which is what this exhibition is about.

In the exhibition "Friends", the paintings of both artists are characterized by scrupulous symbols and images of the language. It's a moving reality from painting to painting, which is invisibly invented. Or vice versa - a fantasy whose emotions emerge and are tactfully real. The paintings tell about harmonious friendship, where there is no strict boundary between reality and fantasy. The main role in the composition of the paintings is given to the interaction of two people, around which a catchy background flourishes, which is the reflection of this communication. Two women's figures are dominant, which brilliantly characterizes and confirms the name given to the exhibition.

The works of painters Livs Pakalns and Anna Baklane will be open until end of May, 2018, on working days from 11.00 to 18.00, in the art gallery "Jēkabs" and on Saturdays from 12.00 to 15.00.


Art Gallery "Jēkabs"

26/28 Jekaba Street 26/28, k.2., Riga

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