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Exhibitions of works by Zenta Logina

(06.03.2019 - 30.03.2019)

From March 6th to March 30th, the exhibition of works by Zenta Logina (1908-1983) will be on display at the art gallery “Jekabs”. The exhibition features paintings, spatial objects and wall blanket dating back to the late 1960s to 1983.

The exhibition looks at late-stage works by Zenta Logina, where dominates abstraction and pronounced textures that tend to break the boundaries between painting and plastic art.

Zenta Logina has studied painting at the Latvian Academy of Art, as well as in private studies of Roman Suta and Sergey Vinogradov. Since 1932 she has been actively participating in exhibitions, in 1945 he was admitted to the painter section of the Latvian Soviet Artists' Union, but later transferred to candidate status and in the following years she was a part of textile art sections. During this time, her possibilities to participate in exhibitions were partially limited – the first big solo exhibition by Zenta Logina took place after her death in 1987.

In the early stage of her creative work, she painted portraits, landscapes, still life and figurative compositions in a realistic manner, and later, in the forties, turned to the genre of still life. The turning point in the artist's handwriting dates back to the sixties, when her language came in her creative form. A special place in the art of this period is the philosophical reflection of the Universe. Along with painting, Zenta Logina has also worked in the field of textile art and has created spatial objects.

The exhibition of works by Zenta Logina at the Art Gallery “Jekabs” will be on the view until March 30th, 2019 on business days from 11.00 to 18.00 and on Saturdays from 11.00 to 15.00.