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Izsoļu nams/galerija Jēkabs
Jēkaba iela 26/28
Rīga , LV-1050
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Telephone number: +371 29528684



From 15th of March for 3 weeks in the Art gallery "Jekabs" (26/28, Jekaba Street) will be exhibition of painter Inta Celmina. 12 paintings will be on the view at the exhibition - most of the works have been made in 2017/2018.


"Throughout my life, working in the field of art, I came to the conclusion that the form of painting can not be expressed in words. Names or literary explanations do not disclose the idea, because it is in emotion, flowsand outbreak and it is not so easy to find. I was always interested in movement, rhythms, air vibrations and thoughts, sounds in space that overlap each other, the depth of the water and the shine of its surface. I'm connected with the words about the movements of the soul, which are reflected in the eyes and body. Reflections in the glass and memories. Dreams and reality. These are all phenomena that can express my feelings and relationships with the world, which I want to paint."

Inta Celmina

Inta Celmina works are dominated by the secret of femininity, the mood of the soul, the essence of musical interpretation and symbolic images. All this leads to a dynamic and saturated colour stroke, expressing strong emotions. An important part of the artist's work is the texture of the picture, which emphasizes the depth of space and the effect of light.


Works by Inta Celmina can be viewed in Art gallery on working days from 11:00 till 18:00 or on Saturday from 11:00 till 15:00.


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