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Exhibition of works by Svetozar Rusakov

From July 3rd till August 11th in the art gallery “Jekabs” will be seen one of the most famous artists, whose pen created the cult animated series “Nu,Pogodi!” (You Just Wait!) exhibition. The artist had a strong connection with Latvia – his relative was one of the first Latvian painters Milda Grinfelde.

The creative heritage of the artist is fully exhibited for the first time in all its variety – visitors shall enjoy not only the sketches and materials to his animations, but also canvases, never exhibited in the artist’s lifetime.

Svetozar Rusakov worked with the leading masters of Soviet animation. He was the artist for the films of directors D.N.Babichenko and I.P. Ivanov – “The Adventures of Buratino” (1959), G.M. Kozlov – “The Picture” (1965”, B.P. Dezhkin – “Trails and Paths” (1963), “Puck, puck!” (1964) and many others. A total of 34 animated films and 13 satirical animated novellas for the cinema journal “Fitil” were created with Svetozar Rusakov’s participation. His lengthiest cooperation was with the director V.M. Kotenochkin. Their the most famous creation was the cycle of animated films “You Just Wait!” 91969-1986). Rusakov was the permanent artist-director of the first 16 series.

As the artist-director of numerous popular animated films he never the less did not limit himself to this genre. He worked successfully in various media, painted both in watercolours and oil, gouache, paid tribute to the natural beauty of his homeland, the disappearing fishing villages of the Russian North, portraits and still life studies, genre pictures. Those of his works that ere not designated for the cinema were know to only a narrow circle of close friends and colleagues, who visited his studio.

Svetozar Rusakov was very handsome men – a short of genial and cheerful Russian Don Quixote, endowed with humour and not lacking in irony at his own expense. His talent was multifaceted and invariably kind. His work appeals to the widest possible audience- from serious art connoisseurs to children and their parents, who grew up with the artist’s films and who come to the exhibition to look upon their favourite characters.

Consignments now being accepted for next auction.

Consignments now being accepted for next auction until August 26th.  


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