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Exhibition of works by Valery Bayda -

In the Art Gallery "Jēkabs", from July 19 to August 17, you will have the opportunity to see the Valery Bayda latest paintings personal exhibition "Meeting", which displays still lifes and landscapes painted in recent years.


Valery Bayda is a versatile artist - paints landscapes, city scenes, still lifes, portraits, interiors, figurative compositions, working in oils, watercolor and graphics techniques. The artist successfully combines a strong drawing with a virtuoso sense of color and decorum with a deep moods of nature in his work. Valery Bayda's works are simultaneously impressionistic and Russian realistic painting schools are permeated. Luminous contrasts, spin technique and thorough scrutiny in the reproduced object form the artist's individual handwriting. An artist's particular significance is the understanding of nature and its processes, taking it into a harmonious view.


Within the the exhibition, Valery Bayda offers to look on flowers, the city and small ship views, castle and country house gardens.


Valery Bayda was born in 1958 in Russia, studied at the Moscow Art Faculty at the All-Union National Cinematography Institute, which left a strong impression on the artist's further work. However, since 1991, Valery Bayda has lived with his family in Latvia - in Madona district near Gaizinkalns, wherethe first open-air gallery-workshop "Stone House Gallery" was opened at his home, organizing various master classes. The artist has participated in personal exhibitions and group exhibitions since 1983 not only in Latvia but also in other parts of Europe. In Russia, the artist also received an award for participation in various exhibitions.




During July and August on Saturdays gallery will be closed.

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