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Stanislavs IVANICKIS

(1908 - 1971)



Stanislavs Ivanickis was born in 1908. During the World War I he, together with the family, migrated to Bryansk, then in Moscow. In 1920 he returned to Latvia and in 1924 he joined the Latvian State Academy of Arts, which he graduated in 1927. He worked as deportee and cashier at the National Bank of Latvia (1928-1941). He was a member of the "Green Crow" Society. In exhibitions started to participate from 1937. For a while, she stayed in Paris, where she joined the Independent Artists' Union. Returning to Latvia, he continued to paint till the end of his life. 


Stanislavs Ivanickis worked mostly in oil, watercolor and pastel techniques. Painted landscapes and thematic paintings. His works are very realistic with a lyric orientation.  


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