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(1914 - 1990)


Painted landscapes and views of cities in satiated colors. Often accented a contour. Valdemārs Jāņkalniņš was born on April 7, 1914 in Riga.

Professional education has received in Edward Vitols' studio and at the Latvian Academy of Art (1936 - 1943; with breaks, in 1945 has renewed studies, and in 1947 it is excluded for a formalism). Worked as the art teacher in Riga 28 School, in 11 School named after. A.Barbis. Since summer of 1954 drew archeological expeditions of Institute of History of the Latvian SSR Academy of Sciences. Since 1937 Valdemārs Jāņkalniņš was a member of association “Green land”, in 1941 was a member of Artists’ Cooperative. In exhibitions participated since 1939. The personal exhibition is organized in Riga (1987). A memorable exhibition is organized in Riga (1996.)



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