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Exhibition of paintings by Alise Medina

(17.04.2019 - 17.05.2019)

From April 17th art gallery “Jekabs” is hosting the exhibition of paintings by Alise Medina - “Intonations of The City”

Silence is almost impossible in the city. How the city sounds, how it talks like? Rhythms, noises and sounds are making the intonations of a mood of the city. They sometimes may be threatening or joyful, sometimes full of melancholy. The denotation “intonation” is not precisely defined in visual arts, we can apply it more easily to the world of a sound. But it is clear, that the defined boundaries of a communication are widening nowadays. Intonation is an aid of communication, which is letting us to understand each other. Intonation in the most direct way is reflecting our emotions, which, of course are individual and subjective.

In the Latvian contemporary art scene the individual style of Alise Medina is recognizable from her first exhibitions. Although she is representing the new generation of painters, in her painting one can see strong dedication to traditional school of painting. She is using academical drawing and working mainly in the landscape genre with oil on canvas. However, she is combining the past with senses of human, living nowadays.

Regarding the paintings showcased in the exhibition the author is telling : “I have to disappoint those, who are seeking for sharp feelings and creative pain of an artist or fight with the society and it’s values. My leading creative motif is love for the world, which surrounds me with it's different edges. And the main muse of this exhibition is Riga, it’s colors, textures, light, reflections, different seasons and times of a day.”

Solo exhibition of Alise Medina will be on the show from the April 17th until May 17th at the art gallery “Jekabs”.